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1. During Profile Registration

Do not pay any money if you have not read the terms and conditions of this matrimonial website with perfect care. When you have an opportunity to register your profile as a new direct user, do not choose the way of Agency support. Means better you fill your own profile..

2. All about Phone

Please do not provide your personal phone number in this matrimonial site. You shall give your parents mobile number. Use pre-paid mobile phone number or use local telephone blocking techniques to prevent your phone number from appearing in Caller Id. Furnish your contact number, only when you feel completely comfortable and have some reliable information about the other person (Member or Marriage Bureau or Agent). If someone provides you a phone number with a strange area code, check it out to make sure it's not a charge number before you make the call..

3. Bank Cards (debit card / credit cards )

We never ask your bank card details like card no or password at any time. Please do not provide your Bank Card details to any person including Matrimony officials. Beware of those who try to ask money from you for whatever reason. Genuine person will not ask you for money in any circumstance. If someone asks you for money, use common sense and never give in to such requests..

4. Emails & Messages

Please do not provide your personal email address in this matrimonial site. You shall create a separate email address to receive only matrimonial related mails, which may help to close those messages and accounts after your marriage. Don't provide your personal contact information like name, email address, residential address, telephone numbers, place of work or any other identifying information in your initial messages to others. Don't use signature in your emails that include your contact details. When you receive a message/flirt from other user, first study about their profile and then start to respond..

5. When you meet

Please do not meet any members alone until you know the person really well. If you're meeting for the first time, try meeting them with your parents are blood relatives in public places like coffee shops and avoid meeting in hotel rooms or any private place. Also keep your friends or family informed before you set out. Marriage is a union of two families and not just two people. Keep your family informed about all your proceedings and involve them in your decision- making to be on the safe side. Make sure you introduce the prospect to your family..

6. When you talk

You can recognize a money scam when members ask for money. Beware of such people and do not pay anything for visa purposes or any such issues. Advance fee fraud is happening all over the world through internet emails and sms. Never discuss financial matters with someone you just met and hardly know. It could be highly unsafe. Ask many questions to him/her and watch for inconsistencies. This will help you detect liars & cons, and it will help you find out if you're truly compatible. Be cautious in your communication and take your time in getting to know the person you're interested in. Don't give out very personal details like credit card and bank account information. Watch out for people who ask unwanted questions or vague about their answers. Pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you. Acting in a resentful manner, making demeaning or disrespectful comments, or any physically inappropriate behaviors are all warning signs.

7. Report Violation

When someone harasses you, you should report violation so we may put an end to it by taking necessary action against the miscreant. When you see a fraudulent profile you should inform us about it by reporting violation so we may check on the profile and take necessary action against the member. You can report violation by sending a mail to us at with your username, matrimony Id and real name and about your package name, it is mandatory that you reveal your identity while reporting violation; however, your identity will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to the miscreant. All your complaints will be confidential and will not be revealed to the opponent user/member.

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